For the authenticity of property verification, our expert team has collected data from various reliable authenticated sources and arranged the data in synchronized manner so that there should be all round property verification with authentic proof. 


Proclee is basically one Stop Destination for all legal doubts & enquiries related to property. Proclee is the one and only site in India for all-round property verification.


You can verify your property at your own ease 24x7.


Yes. We are registered company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Registrar of Companies), also registered under MSME and Proclee is the only service provider registered under “Startup India” for its unique type of services. We are also registered with other related organization.


We have presently launched our services in Madhya Pradesh. Our expert and innovative team is using State of Art Technique and advanced software which will deliver services in pipeline major Central India States soon.


All round property verification Report, Property Portfolio Management, Property Management. Real estate Investment Group (REIG).

To avoid large extent of property frauds (In every 25-35 cases, there is one property frauds) and problem faced by property buyer due to lack of knowledge & the seller hiding the fact that the property is under dispute, which will cause heavy losses to buyer.

It takes considerable time to seek out the solution.

The settlement of civil court cases will take years and your money stuck dead till date.

Proclee verification report will help you to large extent as far as property legality is concerned. For further details visit


Yes. The data has been collected from various authenticated and reliable sources which will be befitted for respective use.


You can get your Proclee verification certificate with the following simple and Straightforward steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on Report on top right corner.
  • Enter your property details in their respective fields.
  • Select your address from the entries listed below and click on generate Report.
  • For genuineness, enter your details such as Email and Contact no. on which you will recieve Proclee Verification Report.
  • After submitting, you will be redirected to payment gateway.
  • After successful payment, you will get your property verification report on your provided Email-ID.
  • Duplicity of document
  • Delay in possession
  • Selling same unit to multiple buyers
  • Selling without authorization
  • Encroachment
  • Fake promises
  • Assured return
  • Forced cancelation are the most common types of frauds happen in India.

The legal search done by an Advocate only tells you about Ownership of the property through "Title Verification". We, at proclee verifies all other aspects such as Public notices published in daily newspapers, TNCP approval, RERA approval, Court case and Auction notices published in newspaper of the property about which legal report of property is salient.


A person should check and verify the following details before buying the property:

  • Ownership details
  • Chain of title
  • Public notice issued in the newspaper
  • Any litigation
  • Encumbrances
  • Development and Construction
  • Nature of property and its uses
  • Legal competency of transferor
  • Nature of right of the transferor
  • Derivation of ownership rights
  • Restrictions and allowance
  • TNCP Approval
  • RERA Approval
  • Property Public notices published in daily news papers
  • Pendency of court cases of property
  • Property Attachment by Govt. Authority

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  1. There are large and considerable amount of property frauds recorded in Indian history. In every 25-30 cases, there is one property frauds/problem faced by real estate buyer
  2. As per record around 2 lakhs property related cases are still pending in mp civil/collector/tehsildar courts
  3. Due to lack of inspection/checking of property documents, avoidance of some important verification parameters during legal search carried by legal consultant, as the related data are not easily available for the use.
  4. Lack of knowledge of entire real estate related approving authorities, causing problem at later stage.
  5. There is not any verification if the property is having family dispute,
  6. There are some instances where party has taken property sale advance and carried out sale agreement hiding the fact that the property is in auction/mortgage will cause heavy losses to buyer. It takes considerable time to seek out the solution.
  7. There are some instances property is documently attached by govt. authority like income tax/GST for the non compliances of tax norms.
  8. For the above problems, we have collected precise and related data for the avoidance of above problem just at one click.