Property Legality Service

Property Legality Service

  • Most of the buyer skips important verification of property which is essential for safeguard of the buyer.
  • Our services offers:
  • Solutions to get rid of property problems like double property registration.
  • Already mortgaged property in the bank.
  • If there is property dispute among the family and others.
  • Pendency of property related cases.
  • Registration with Govt. authority like RERA, TNCP (Town & Country Planning)
  • Awareness of publication of property dispute in daily newspaper.

Property Management Service

Property Management Service

Property Portfolio: Our portfolio service includes Property Portfolio Service for optimum calculative return of the property using property diversification, to maximize property occupancy, operational risk, legal risk, reputational risk, political risk and health and safety risk, to manage all the properties/value addition of the property, quarterly update of the property valuation through registered property valuer, update property news and its effects.

Property Management: Includes Property maintenance, proper selection of tenant by verification of credibility of tenant, Property Insurance & Rental services in customer favorable manner.

REIG (Real Estate Investment Group)


Other Key Services

Our other Important Key Features which will help you out regarding property legality.

Verified Advocates
Verified Advocates

Entire Madhya Pradesh advocate details

Legal Assistances
Legal Assistances

Format of property agreement, sale deed/lease deed, affidavits, and other related draft formats

Property Acts and Bylaws
Property Acts and Bylaws

Simplified acts and bylaws

Proclee Property Verification Report

Proclee Property Verification Report

  • Our vast database provides nearly cent percent verification of the required property which is not possible to verify through legal advisors. We provide almost entire verification of the property through Proclee Property Verification Report.
  • Verification of RERA registration
  • Verification of TNCP registration
  • Pendency of property court case
  • Verification of property through local newspaper Auction/Possession/Legal dispute/Attached by Govt. authority (Such as Enforcement Directorate - ED)
  • Entire Local newspapers public notices regarding the property Sale Purchase/Property Dispute/Property Mortgage/Power of Attorney/Court Notices/Nomination Notices.

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avoid getting trapped in property fraud.


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