Building Laws in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Definition of Building:  A structure constructed with any materials whatsoever for any purpose, whether used for human habitation or not, and includes:-  i) Foundation, plinth, walls, floors, roofs, chimneys, plumbing and building services, fixed platforms etc.  ii) Verandahs, balconies, cornices, projections etc.  iii) Parts of a building or anything affixed thereto; vi) Tanks constructed or fixed for storage of water, effluent, swimming pool, ponds etc., comes under the definition of Building  v) Except tents, shamianas and tarpaulin shelters erected temporarily for temporary purposes and ceremonial occasions.

Type of Building based on uses:

Residential - For the purpose of Residential

Educational - School/college building recognized by University or Board

Institutional - Auditorium, Medical, Orphan homes, Children homes, Cultural hall etc.

Assembly Building - Building for not less than 50 person for Recreation, Cultural , City hall town hall

Mercantile building - Shops, stores, Market for retail/wholesale including offices, and storage facility

Business Building - Bank, Professionals offices, trading centers, Accountants, Court houses etc.

Industrial Building - Where products fabricated, assembled, Process and fabricated, Refineries, Power Plant etc.

Storage Building - Warehouse, cold, storage, freight depot, transit shed, store house, public garage, hanger, truck terminal, grain elevator etc.

Hazardous Building - Storage, handling, manufacture of processing of radioactive substances or highly combustible or explosive materials & Storage, handling, manufacture of processing of radioactive substances or highly combustible or explosive materials

Mixed Land use building - Party for Non-residential and partly for Residential

Wholesale establishment - An establishment wholly or partly engaged in wholesale trade and manufacture, wholesale outlets, including related storage facilities, warehouses and establishments engaged in truck transport, including truck transport booking agencies.

Type of building based on design and height:

Detached building - Includes a building with walls and roofs independent of any other building and with open spaces on all sides within the same plot.

Multistoried Building - Multi-Storied Building or High Rise Building”- A building above 4 stories, and/or a building exceeding 15 meters or more in height (without stilt) and 17.5M (including stilt).

Semi Detached Building - A building detached on three sides with open space as specified in these regulations

Special Building - Special Building”- Includes all buildings like assembly, industrial, buildings used for wholesale establishments, hotels, hostels, hazardous, mixed occupancies with any of the aforesaid occupancies and centrally air conditioned buildings having total built up area exceeding 500 sq m.

Multi Level Car Parking - Multi Level Car parking”- A building partly below ground level having two or more basements or above ground level, primarily to be used for parking of cars, scooters or any other type of light motorized vehicle.