Must read before purchasing property

RERA approval of projects essentially required following permission from statutory Government concerning department to ensure the goodwill of project as well as safety of Investor/Real estate buyer

Following are the documents that need to be verified before purchasing the property:

Title Deed: Title Deed is most important documents to check and verify before buying a home in Madhya Pradesh. This document gives the real ownership of the property in question (i.e. “Title”) . The buyer must confirm that 1. The land or Land parcel on which the property is built must be in the name of the developer. In case of a Joint Venture (JV) or Development Agreement, the name and share of all the landowners (Joint developers) must be given/mentioned  in the Title deed unambiguously. The buyer must register the Agreement to Sale in the  Sub-registrar’s office so that it gets recorded in the government records and no dispute of the Title/ownership arises in future.

Plan Layout approval & Building Sanction Plan: Buyer must enquire and ensure that the Plan Layout (Town & Country Approval) building plan is duly sanctioned & a commencement certificate issued by the competent concerning government body (In Municipal limit approval given by Municipal Approval branch & In Outside Municipal Limits approval given by concerning Gram Punchayat  ). The building plan sanctions are issued after thorough inspections of the site, proposed amenities and required permissions. This will ensure that the construction is done legally and according to the prevailing building rules. Buyer must verified whether the subject selected House/flatis mentioned in the approved plan or not.

Ownership Documents: An ownership certificate is a legal document that ensures the ownership of the property. It is also known as Mother Deed. It is primary document for further sale of the concerned property by the buyers. The mother deed also surround conveyance deeds. If the mentioned documents are not available in original, certified copies of the same must be obtained before finalizationof the purchase.

Amenities & Services : The real estate builder must ensure that the social amenities such as play area, Children Park, community Hall/area, Club House, water collection mechanism, must be built after taking concerning Government permissions.

Other Approvals/NOC:Except above permissions there are some more essential permission depending upon the Residential /Commercial area (Large/small) 1. Fire Safety License/NOC 2. Sewage plan approval 3. Environmental Approval, 4.Pollution Approvals. 5. Electrical safety License  6. Forest Approval.These documents must be verified before buying the real property ( House/Flat/shops/Apartment/Pent House etc.) Moreover, it must be ensured that the safety and security of the area is well enough to ensure safe living conditions.

Safety: The purchaser must ensure that the premises where he/she has shortlisted the property is safe and secure. The presence of police stations close by, gated security, guards and frequent vigilance is a must for a safe habitation. In addition to this, the property owner must enquire about installation of CCTV cameras on the premises and other safety measures in place. In Old colony previous experience of Theft/Burglary to be enquire.

Community: A man is a social animal. The buyers must ensure that the there is a solid presence of a community nearby. It will be better to live with the neighbors and other occupants than living alone in a building. In addition to this, facilities such as common playing area and clubhouse facilities promote community interactions. If the building/apartment  ishighly/sufficiently  occupied, the ambience would remain social and will definitely add to the quality of life of the occupants.

Conclusion: Hence before investing the hard-earned money, the investor/buyer must be completely sure after verification of the all the above mentioned documents so as to avoid any legal problem at a later stage.